Why this book?

Prevalence of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol increasing in developing countries . These cardiovascular risk factors lead to development of life threatening condition called HEART ATTACK. Heart attack kills maximum number of patients than any other single diseases worldwide. Heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases are not only limited to developed countries, but it has now become major public health problem of Low and Middle Income countries and Nepal is one of them.

Most Important reason for growing epidemic of these cardiovascular diseases is lack of public awareness. Inadequacy of screening facilities for detecting cardiovascular risk factors (high BP, Cholesterol and Sugar) have made the situation more worse in developing countries. Misconception regarding starting medicines for hypertension and diabetes is quite common and this is partially responsible for development of cardiovascular complications in untreated patients.

Preventing measures to fight against these Noncommunicable diseases (NCD) have already been adopted by Government of Nepal . Seeing the magnitude of problem related with NCD, it appear insufficient to meet the present requirement. Dimension of Cardiovascular disorders is so large that other institutions at private level should join together to fight against this deadly problem. Time has come for all those involved in field of medicine and particularly cardiology to feel their responsibility in this regard.

Realizing that education will be most powerful and suitable weapon to prevent this deadly condition in low and middle income country like Nepal , I have prepared this book . This book focusses on various cardiac and noncardiac issues mainly prevention. Main aim of book is to increase awareness on detection and treatment of common medical problems like hypertension , diabetes , High Cholesterol, hypothyroidism , Rheumatic Heart Disease, Congenital Heart Disease etc .

Large number of patients are receiving various treatment for cardiac problems in form of percutaneous interventions like Angiography , Angioplasty , Pacemaker , ICD, CRT etc. They are also expending significant amount of money for these expensive procedures. Its our responsibility to provide them basic informations for better understanding and acceptance of these newer treatment modalities like medicated stents, bio absorbable stents, Dual chamber pacemakers, ICDs and CRTs.

Other than above mentioned topics, This Book will also highlight importance of lifestyle changes for preventing various cardiac disorders. Book will stress on Importance of health screening in healthy people. Advantages of treatment for high BP, high Cholesterol, Diabetes and other cardiac risk factors will be explained. Importance of quitting smoking and alcohol is well explained .

We realize that , preventing NCD can't be accomplished without help of people from various fields. We are expecting your valuable support and co operation to make this project b successful and fruitful. We feel it will be a pride creation not only for country but for everyone who will be involved directly or indirectly.We also need your suggestions and advices for better acceptance of this Book.