Who should read this book and why to read this book?

a)Diabetes and hypertensive people

  • To understand role and need of medicine
  • Importance of lifestyle in blood pressure and sugar control
  • What to eat and what not to eat?
  • When to stop medicine?
  • How to prevent complications like heart attack?

b) People having heart problems like chest pain , breathlessness,leg swelling

c) Healthy people
All those who think themselves healthy should know about healthy and unhealthy lifestyle, healthy and unhealthy food and being physically active and regular health screening.

d) Nurses
This book will be of enormous importance to help the nurses to provide basic knowledge about illness to their patients.Particularly this book will help to guide the patients for Non-pharmacological treatment like diet control, physical activities etc. It will also help to improve the understanding of commonly used cardiac and non-cardiac medicines.

e) Medical Students
All medical and paramedical students should read this book to increase their understanding of medical practice.

f) Health Workers
Complicated cardiac and other health related issues have been discussed in a simplified way, so that all health care providers from primary care to tertiary care will get benefit from this book during management of patients.

g) Doctors
This book will also help the doctors NOT only in providing better care to their patients, but also to improve their own lifestyle.

h) Parents

  • To find out whether your children is having any congenital heart disease (by born),any valve problem (Rheumatic Heart Disease)
  • How to prevent your children from getting Obese
  • Understand importance of healthy lifestyle in their children to prevent development of heart problems in adolescence and adulthood.
  • To understand the importance of health hazard related to smoking and alcohol.
  • How to prevent complication related to smoking and alcohol.
  • What is the safety limit of of drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • How to quit smoking and alcohol.

i) Housewives:- To know about

  • Selection of healthy food
  • Selecting correct vegetable oil
  • How to avoid high fat, high sugar and high salt diet.
  • Analysis of food
  • How to reduce fat content in food?
  • Preventing their children, husband and other family members to acquire health problems because of unhealthy food and lifestyle.