About Book

After reading this book, a layman will imagine that he is also a doctor. Book covers different medical aspects in such a way that anyone reading this book will definitely find many new things about his own health. This book is intended to change your thinking about health illness to prevent various cardiac; noncardiac illnesses. This will change your way of living. This book is meant for each and every Nepalese family.

Book has got 30 chapters and 336 colourful pages. This limited first edition has got hard cover with perfect binding. Book is full of self explanatory colourful pictures and tables. It is written in very simple nepali language to make it appropriate for simple people too. This book cover 3 aspects of medicine. First , it gives essential knowledge about life threatening disease like heart attack , which make common people to recognize them early and attend appropriate medical service in time to prevent untimely mortalities. Second, This book focus on various cardiovascular risk factors( like Hypertension, Diabetes, High cholesterol ), which will help people to understand importance of prevention and treatment of these risk factors to prevent deadly complications like heart attacks and strokes.

Third, this book focuses much on healthy lifestyle and food habits. This will encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle and avoid unhealthy diet. One third of this book is dedicated for this purpose. This section of book about diet , exercise and lifestyle will be useful for all medical and nonmedical people.