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The Book is Avialable in all Bhat Bhateni Shuper Markets now. Grab your copy now.
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About Book
After reading this book, a layman will imagine that he is also a doctor. Book covers different medical aspects in such a way that anyone reading this book will definitely find many new things about his own health. This book is intended to change your thinking about health & illness
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About Author
Dr.Om Murti Anil was born in a small village of Mahottari district of Nepal in 1978. Although he was born in lower middle economy family, his moral standards had been always high since his childhood. He had great determination to become a doctor since his childhood.
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Centre for Heart Attack Awareness in Nepal (CHAIN) is a non profitable organization established in BS 2070 to increase awareness about heart attack and various other cardiovascular and Non Communicable Disease in Nepal.
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