How to get this book

The first LIMITED EDITION (Hard Cover) of this book has been published to promote the awareness activities conducted by a Non-Profitable NGO named CHAIN. You will have to contact CHAIN office or you can post about it on this website(blog) or "Ma Pani Doctor" facebook page to get the book.

You can contact on any of these phone numbers to get this book.

Contact Number :-01-472 1473 , 9813022845

Email :-,

You can also get the book from the stall at BhatBhateni Shopping Store at Naxal and Maharajgunj.We are planning to arrange a system so that book will be available all over the country.We will provide place and contact number of the person from where you can obtain this book.This information will be available in this website, facebook, blog and also in the newspapers.

For bulk distribution,you can directly contact in the CHAIN office and its telephone number or through above mentioned e-mails.