Centre for Heart Attack Awareness in Nepal (CHAIN) is a non profitable organization established in BS 2070 to increase awareness about heart attack and various other cardiovascular and Non Communicable Disease in Nepal.

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), which include heart disease and Cerebro-Vascular Disease (Stroke), are increasing day by day. Heart attack and stroke are major killers worldwide. Heart Attack kills maximum number of patients than any other single disease. Developing countries are facing double burden of Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) these days. NCD includes four important disorders and CVD is its major component along with Cancer, Diabetes and Lung diseases. Due to lack of health education, public awareness and poverty, number of NCDs ( CVD or Heart attacks) are mounting day by day.

Since the treatment of heart disease and other NCDs is expensive; prevention is the only option for country like Nepal. Government of Nepal has started some preventing and awareness programme to fight against NCDs. Realizing the magnitude of problem, it appears that government alone may not be able to meet the present day requirement. Organizations at private level should join government to fight against NCD and particularly heart disease. In this regard, a non profitable Organization to meet above requirement has been proposed, which will act individually and mutually with other NGO and Government to fight against NCD. “Centre for HeartAttack Awareness In Nepal (CHAIN)” is being formed to meet above requirement to help the people of this country to improve their health status and prevent premature deaths due to cardiovascular diseases and other NCDs.